Our workplace is where we spend a significant portion of our life. It’s our second home. Where we work and what we do there have a substantial influence on our identity as well as the quality of our lives.

In this blog post, I’ll talk about 3 reasons why CloudFactory is a great company to work for. If you are a programmer, designer, or a professional with management background, please take time to read this post. It could very well be one of the best decisions you ever made in your career.

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Great Mission

I spent a long time as a freelance programmer before I joined CloudFactory. One of the reasons I made the ‘jump’ was I had grown sick of developing CMS, social networking apps, shopping carts, and other ‘quickly put together’ clones of successful Internet companies for clueless, starry-eyed clients over and over again. Yes, I was making quite a bit of money in my ‘thriving’ business but I was sorely missing a job that was more meaningful and impactful.

I couldn’t have made a better decision when I jumped ship almost 2 years ago.

CloudFactory offers you the opportunity to be part of something very big. Our mission is to offer employment to 1 million people in developing countries by offering them online computer jobs. Once they start working, we also equip them with necessary leadership skills so that they can go back to their communities and tackle the scourge of poverty that’s so rife in developing nations.

Admittedly, it’s a tough mission. But it is also a very honorable goal that is worth shooting for.

As an employee of CloudFactory, you will see thousands of online workers logging into our online platform, completing millions of tasks every day, and earning money for themselves and their families. Additionally, you'll see them come to our leadership development programs, learn leadership skills, and apply these skills in their communities. CloudFactory already has transformed lives of 2,500+ men and women in Nepal and other countries. And this number only continues to grow every day.

Having witnessed this firsthand, you'll begin to realize that every line of code you write, every feature you design, every decision you make directly impacts the lives of these people. You begin to see that your work is helping these people become happier, healthier, and richer.

The idea that every single day you are inching closer toward making the world a better place is an extremely powerful and rewarding feeling. You’ll find your job much more fulfilling compared to working in a company where your work doesn’t mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. It’s much more satisfying than working in a place where you are handed over random assignments every day and your efforts get lost in sea of other things happening around you. You just toil from one day to the next without any sense of direction or purpose.

Once at CloudFactory, you’ll finally realize your true worth and be proud of what you are doing.

Great People

In order to execute a great mission, we need a team of equally great people. CloudFactory has a boatload of smart and talented folks and this is a very good news for you.

One of the best learning experiences in life is to work alongside smarter people. No college education or books can beat that. At CloudFactory, you'll find yourself in company of some of the smartest programmers, designers, managers, and other professionals in the world. You’ll be working with people who have previously worked for companies such as Adobe, Sun Microsystems, Disney, Google, eBay, Motorola, Wipro and others. You’ll work with people who have worked in more than a dozen different countries.

We also have people with interesting background and hobbies. For instance, one American CloudFactory team member is so passionate about movies and acting that his knowledge led a big Hollywood movie (starring Russell Crowe) to sign him up as a consultant. We also have tonnes of Nepali professionals who worked in the US for over a decade before realizing that bigger opportunities are waiting in Nepal.

Given the diverse culture and experience that these people come from, you’ll get an unparalleled opportunity to learn and grow yourself. You’ll be surrounded with them throughout your work day. As you talk with them over lunch, hear them give our weekly 'lunch-and-learn' sessions, or work alongside them in different projects, you'll notice that you are discovering new things every day and becoming smarter yourself.

Great Challenges

Running a company of our scale and scope requires us to solve really difficult problems in technology, business, management, and social development. A few samples:

  • How to write optimized code and build a platform that can support hundreds of thousands of people using it simultaneously.
  • How to leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science to ensure quality of work and catch bad workers
  • How to design a user interface that's as easy to use as Facebook.
  • How to replicate our operation and workforce model in other developing countries.
  • How to build a scalable sales model to drive work for 1,000,000 cloud workers
  • How to grow the company (we are already 110+ employees strong) but continue to stay as agile as a startup.
  • How to give back to the community. How to make the world a better place.

Yes, these are very knotty and convoluted challenges with no easy answers. What we are trying to pull off is something that has never been done before by any other organization in the world. But this is exactly what excites us every day as we walk into our offices.

If you are talented, ambitious, and hate routine, mundane jobs as much as we do, then please join us in our effort to solve these great challenges. We need the best and brightest from around the world to fulfill our purpose as a company. If you want easy stuff, go elsewhere :)

Always remember that life is very short and you should spend it doing things that matter.

Culture & Mission

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