After another challenging year in the world at large, the CloudFactory team and I are filled with gratitude as we enter into 2023. Last year, we put an emphasis on investments in technology to bring our capabilities up to speed with the investments we've put in our people. We couldn't be more excited for what's ahead.

Listen as Chief Technology Officer, Pieter Nel, and I reflect back on 2022 and build momentum to help innovative companies unlock their data-centric AI, drive innovation, and gain efficiency.


Video Transcript

Mark Sears, CEO

Looking back at 2022, we can't deny that macroeconomic challenges affected so many companies, really the whole tech industry shifted from this season of prosperity to one of austerity. And yet as I reflect back, I am grateful for the advancements in both AI and data labeling. And specifically how we’ve been building at CloudFactory to set our clients up for success in 2023.

Now, a big part of that was acquiring, investing into, and integrating Hasty. So that acquisition brought an amazing team of people as well as a data-centric platform that paired with CloudFactory's human-in-the-loop AI solutions, creates this unique opportunity to expedite machine learning models into production faster than ever before. So maintaining, if not improving, the level of quality that companies have come to expect from CloudFactory, but even doing it faster and more efficiently.

Alongside technology investments, we’ve been investing into people. And I’m thrilled with a growing leadership team here. I see more strength, stability, and a forward-looking vision than we’ve ever had before and a big part of that in this year was welcoming two key leaders. They both bring deep experience and a passion for our mission.

Most recently Morgan Gebhardt joined as our Chief Revenue Officer and brings 30 years of experience scaling advanced tech and that includes market-leading AI solutions. Before that was Pieter Nel who joined as our Chief Technology Officer, and has been leading our efforts to build an end-to-end AI solution—driving data-centric AI strategy and driving our human-in-the-loop AI approach.

Speaking of Pieter, I’m going to pass it over to you to share some of your thoughts as we close out 2022 and look to this year ahead.

Pieter Nel, Chief Technology Officer

Thanks, Mark. Yes, over the last few months there’s been several very prominent advancements in AI, and 2023 certainly promises to be a year of opportunity in this space. But you don’t need to deploy Stable Diffusion or ChatGPT just to build value in your company. In computer vision, for example, there are still billions of dollars of value to be had through automation and new products.

Furthermore, through smart deployment of human-in-the-loop components in your operations, you ensure the accuracy and continued performance of production AI deployments.

This year, CloudFactory is set to unlock further AI innovation and data labeling efficiencies for our clients. And to act as that key enabler for successful human-in-the-loop AI deployments.

As this data-centric AI movement gains momentum and traction, our clients’ success hinges on the shift from manual data labeling to AI-assisted labeling and from a model-centric to a data-centric approach.

There’s a gap in the market with companies that want to increase their labeling efficiency and scale while improving, not compromising, quality. This year, CloudFactory will focus our attention on increasing this efficiency through a product that combines our best-in-class workforce with adaptive AI-assisted labeling technology.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon as we bring these new exciting solutions to the AI development lifecycle to market. Stay tuned, and happy New Year

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