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Surge Weekend: Innovating Our Impact Sourcing Model

Each day we process over one million tasks for our clients through the talent of our individual workers. While the ecosystem that makes that possible requires a lot of teamwork, the work itself is based on the skill and speed of a each worker. Yet, our definition of success goes well beyond accurate, scalable, and fast data work and enters the world of personal development, as we strive to raise up leaders in the developing world. If there is one thing you can can count on at CloudFactory, it’s finding new ways to innovate. What doesn’t change is our commitment to developing leaders in one of the most challenging environments on earth...a team.

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What is Impact Sourcing?

Outsourcing has been a business strategy for as long as entrepreneurs have found alternatives that are less expensive than doing everything themselves. And offshoring has been a part of those same entrepreneurs’ vocabularies for the last 20 years.

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Out of Africa

For 5 months my family and I called Kenya home. We moved to the green city in the sun, Nairobi, to expand CloudFactory’s operations into Africa. What I envisioned as a transfer of company culture and departmental processes proved to be a greater task.

I went to Kenya with a simple plan: secure office space, hire key staff and recruit 200 Cloudworkers. I left Kenya with a greater understanding of the potential for hiring thousands and the challenges that make such endeavors few and far between.

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Our Social Impact DNA

I’ve personally never seen meteorites slam into the surface of the moon with a force that drastically changes its topography. Yet without a telescope I can gaze into the night sky to see the resulting landscape of large and small impacts on the moon’s surface. Like observing changes to the moon’s surface, at CloudFactory we are observing changes in those we work with and in the communities around us. When impact occurs it is undeniable.

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Better BPO vs More of the Same - Rethink Outsourcing Your Data

At CloudFactory we are exploring what it looks like to bring humanity back to the BPO world. Inherent to the BPO industry are people, nearly 5 million of them. Yet simply adding lots of people to the equation doesn’t imply success. Like Grandaddy might say, “Just cause you’re in the garage doesn’t make you a car”.

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