You might have already heard it from Twitter or our Facebook profile, but I believe a blog post is long overdue here. CloudFactory is going to CrowdConf, the first and leading conference on crowdsourcing and the future of distributed work.

What makes this trip even more exciting is that CloudFactory is organizing CrowdHack - the first-ever hackathon focused specifically on crowdsourcing. It was pretty natural for CloudFactory to organize this event given our focus on developers and our platform for building crowd-powered apps.

The hackathon will bring together crowd hackers and techies under one roof and give them a fun environment to get their hands dirty doing some crowdsourcing. The hackers are free to hack any idea in any programming language or any platform as long as it is related to crowdsourcing.

The event will kick off at 9 AM on Nov 1st, the day before CrowdConf. There will be a special 1-hour workshop until 10 AM during which CloudFactory team will demonstrate its Cloud Labor API. It will be followed by 11 hours of non-stop hacking until 9 PM when the hackers will be given an opportunity to present their hack to everyone. But unlike other hackathons, this isn't the end of the story - the "crowd" will do its part by continuing to work for the next 12 hours before the judges finalize their decision.

The top hackers will be rewarded with some exciting prizes the next day and will have their hack featured in the exhibitor area of the main conference.

CloudFactory will be on-site during the event to help you with your 'hack' and make sure that there is abundance of pizza and caffeine to keep you invigorated the whole day.

And, yes, it's absolutely free. Just sign up here

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