What’s your resolution? Even the word itself speaks to nature of doing something again. What are you doing again to solve a problem you are facing? If we are really honest with ourselves we may find that the problem we want to solve is the same one we tried solving last time, last year. We probably didn’t succeed the first time so we are going to give it another try.

Many times people have a tendency to look for the perfect answer. We look for the one thing we can do that will make everything better. There’s a good chance that is the approach we took last year when developing a resolution. When the super solution doesn’t work out we walk away from the table saying, “I tried but it wasn’t working so I quit”.

Here at CloudFactory we have a “resolution”, another way to solve the problems that our clients and workers face. Our clients need accurate and scalable solutions for their data. Our workers are looking for a way to earn and a solution to the poverty in their communities. Fortunately our resolution is so audacious that no one in their right mind would even propose a one size fits all, “super solution” to these challenges.

We think that a “better than last week” approach that is driven by principle, relationship, and vision may be the only hope we have in revolutionizing the way data is processed and 1 million future leaders across developing nations gain valuable work experience. In fact, this approach may be the only hope any of us have to stop (re)solving the same problems again and again and finally solve them.

So here’s how it works. Every week our workers are looking at the quality and quantity of their work, identifying what’s working and what’s not, and then develop a plan to make themselves better than last week. This same process is applied to professional development through leadership principles. Workers compare results to previous ones and time tested principles while developing a plan to improve next week. The goal is to become a competent leader that has the character required to succeed in the future.

All of this happens in teams of friends that know whether or not people are actually doing what they said they would. It’s a resolution pressure cooker and we are making a stew that Seinfeld’s soup nazi would sell without hesitation.

So here’s a question for you:

Would you consider taking that big resolution and turn it into a small goal each week that you can share with your friends?

Add in a dash of commitment to improving each week, a desire to do what is right, and a passion to see others join you on your journey and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

Posted by Evan Kubicek, VP of Workforce

Culture & Mission

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