AV innovators understand the need for robust AI and machine learning models to ensure autonomous driving systems are safe and reliable. To train and sustain those models, AV-centric workforces offer high-quality image, video, and LiDAR point cloud annotation at scale. This enables internal teams to focus on bringing innovative solutions to the market fast.

Find out how our AV-centric workforce can help you achieve your safety goals faster in this presentation.

1. Delivers high-quality AV data labeling at scale

Building strong data pipelines to test autonomous vehicle applications in diverse real-life driving conditions, edge cases, and varying environments requires high volumes of data labeling, which is not practical to conduct in-house.

For over ten years, we’ve hired and trained data analysts to annotate 2-D, 3-D, video, and LiDAR AV data to give you the quality training data you need at scale, especially for those complex edge cases.

CloudFactory delivers the highest levels of quality, reliable throughput, and support throughout the data pipeline, including QA and model validation.

2. Handles complexities of AV training data

Given the sheer volume of high-quality data needed to train autonomous vehicle applications, data labeling can quickly become a barrier to scale and innovation.

Handling all the labeling work in-house burdens your teams, auto-labeling does not effectively deal with the complexities of AV data and outsourcing options like crowdsourcing risk the quality of your project.

Accelerate your time to market and achieve your AV safety goals faster with our experienced data analysts who come to you pre-trained in critical annotation skills needed to handle the complexities of AV training data.

3. Provides security and confidentiality

We reduce risk to your intellectual property with multiple levels of security and have obtained the necessary third-party validations and certifications.

The SOC 2 data security accreditation of our IT infrastructure, tools, and processes protects your sensitive data and company information from unauthorized access. We also meet the requirements for protecting your data and project confidentiality with our ISO 27001:2013 certified information security approach.

4. Works with your preferred tools

When it comes to autonomous driving, there’s a lot of data to label and many tools that can get the job done right.

The right AV-centric workforce partner is an all-around tooling champion.

Maximize efficiency with your preferred labeling tool or our recommendation for an industry-leading tool. Our data analysts work daily with a variety of all leading commercial tools and a variety of client proprietary tools to increase safety, quality, and scale.

CloudFactory can help you achieve your AV safety goals while reducing risk to your intellectual property and delivering a reliable solution with our scalable workforce that securely delivers high-quality data annotation.

Learn more about how to optimize your AV data pipelines and workforces. Download our ebook: Optimizing Data Pipeline Using Multiple Workforces: An Ebook for Autonomous Vehicle Technology Professionals.

Optimize your autonomous vehicle data pipeline

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