Technology is changing the way work is done around the globe, making it possible to access talent from virtually anywhere on the planet. Meanwhile, AI and data innovators everywhere are in a race to usable data, and they need skilled workers to label, annotate, and analyze datasets so they can be transformed into valuable insights and solutions for their organizations.

We’ve operated at the intersection of these megatrends for a decade. We’ve learned how to combine the quality and flexibility of people with the scalability and efficiency of technology to innovate fast. In essence, we outsmarted outsourcing. Along the way, we’ve created meaningful work opportunities for thousands of people, and we maintain a core team on four continents.

Today, we’re excited to announce we have secured $65 million in growth equity funding from FTV Capital, who led the round, with participation from Weatherford Capital. We are grateful to them and especially to our clients for their trust and partnership. We also thank all of those who have worked at CloudFactory, past and present, because their hard work has made this possible.

This round of funding is our largest ever, and it marks a special milestone for CloudFactory on our mission to connect one million talented people to meaningful work. We’ll use the funding to advance our technology, invest in our workforce, and continue to provide our clients easy access to the world’s best managed teams for data work. We’ll also use it to expand our mission to create opportunities for skilled people in developing nations.


We founded CloudFactory with the recognition that talent is equally distributed around the globe but opportunity is not. We want to change that. We use a small-team model, where workers’ skills are known and valued. They can learn new skills, earn money to support their families, and serve our clients. Along the way, they grow as leaders in their families and their communities.

We tapped the power of our partnerships with experts and thought leaders to create CloudFactory Academy, which provides everyone at CloudFactory with team-based learning, growth, and service opportunities. Together, Academy and our WorkStreams solutions provide good jobs for workers and high-quality data work for tech teams who are bringing AI and other technologies to market.

Our investments in talent and technology make it possible for our clients to access a workforce that operates like an extension of their teams and delivers remarkably high quality data work, supported by our tech platform, which automates common data-work inefficiencies for greater scalability.

We are excited about this next chapter in CloudFactory’s journey, and we’re just getting started. So stay tuned. And subscribe to our blog for updates on our progress. If our mission inspires you, check out career opportunities at CloudFactory. We look forward to meeting you!

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