Aakar Anil

Sr. Marketing Technologist at CloudFactory

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Crowdsourcing Landscape [INFOGRAPHIC]

The term "Crowdsourcing" which was coined by Jeff Howe in 2006 in Wired Magazine is now becoming a mainstream business. Today crowdsourcing is a billion dollar industry and is being used by several small, medium and big sizes firm to solve their business problems.

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A Trip to Remember

My friends often ask me, what do engineers at CloudFactory do to wind up when they get tired of hacking? Well, they go for hiking, sometime bungee jump and sometime movie. Wait, they do lot more than hiking, they are fond of flying in the clouds too. Literally. Here is what we did in our last trip to Pokhara.

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Hike to Sailung

After an unforgettable trip to Bandipur in last November, the CloudFactory’s social committee once again organized a 2 days hike to Sailung on the first week of March.

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