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How to Turn Unstructured Data to Structured Data Using Microtasking

Your company is growing and so are the processes. Along with it, data is piling up with no structure, which makes it hard to analyze and make use of. This is the beginning of Unstructured Data.

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The Secret Behind How CloudFactory Delivers Off the Charts Accuracy

For crowdsourcing organizations, accuracy is what counts. At CloudFactory, most of our clients are very happy with our “normal” accuracy rate, which is still very high compared to traditional BPO approaches.

But what if a business demands off-the-charts accuracy?  

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How Scaling Helps Companies and Economies

“Outsourcing” is sometimes considered a bad word. Nobody wants to lose a job. Fair enough. But in terms of business processes, “scaling” should always be a good word. Every business wants to scale and grow. And when a business scales, it has more product output to sell and more revenue to earn. The more it sells and earns, the more it hires. The more it hires, the more the local and domestic economies can also flourish.

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Google Loon + CloudFactory = Global Impact

Google recently piloted in New Zealand an experimental technology that, when scaled, could provide the opportunity for Internet access for anyone in the world. By connecting a network of solar-powered balloons floating in the literal stratosphere to homes on the ground, individuals in hard-to-connect places can access the Internet. From a marketing and PR standpoint, it’s a win for a company like Google to set themselves up as helping people around the world by connecting them to the Internet.

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Establishing Market Value for Workers in Developing Nations

CloudFactory is working to connect a million persons in developing nations to basic computer work, while raising them up as leaders to address poverty in their own communities. This is our mission statement. At the heart of what we do is our social mission. We’ve never hidden it and we love to talk about it.

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Flight Log: Kathmandu to Kuala Lumpur

I am an American living in Kathmandu. My family and I moved here last September to run the Solutions department at CloudFactory.

I flew recently from our new home city, Kathmandu, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a crowdsourcing conference. As one might guess from my profile, I am a fairly seasoned traveller. I booked a left window seat so I could catch a glimpse of Everest on my way. So I was a little perturbed when the guy who boarded ahead of me sat in my window seat and refused to change. I didn’t fight too hard, but I was grumpy to say the least.

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Leveraging the Crowd for Disaster Management

A Hypothetical Humanitarian Use of CloudFactory

Kathmandu is in a convergence zone of political turmoil and economic opportunity. 45% unemployment and rampant corruption are a bear on this economy. Yet to date, more than 2,250 workers around Nepal (primarily in the Kathmandu valley) have jumped at the opportunity to start microtasking for CloudFactory, all the while growing in character and learning leadership principles.

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