We were honored to be a part of The AI Summit, a London event that unites the most forward-thinking technologists and business professionals to explore the real-world applications of AI. CloudFactory showcased its expertise and highlighted how its human-in-the-loop managed workforce can drive the scalability and success of AI/ML and automation initiatives.

Meet the team:

CloudFactory team at the AI Summit

Our team at the AI Summit shared how innovators can use humans in the loop to unlock the power of high-quality data for AI and automation.

Generative AI dominated talks and panel discussions at The AI summit.

If you missed the event, here are our team’s three discussion highlights on the subject:

  1. There’s a need for ethical AI
  2. Creatives stand to benefit
  3. Humans in the loop remain critical

1. There’s a need for ethical AI

Ethical implications of generative AI were a subject of ongoing discussion. Representatives of businesses and governments alike advocated for ethical guidelines, responsible AI, and techniques to detect and mitigate potential harm. In fact, the EU is proposing the first-ever legal framework to guide AI developers, deployers, and end users. The general consensus at the summit was that the widespread use of AI, especially in high-risk applications, necessitates robust governance, risk management, and compliance measures.

To grow your ethics in AI IQ, we suggest the article, The Need for Ethically Designed AI Systems, or watch the Webinar, Ethically Designed AI Systems, from Matt Beale, Senior Solutions Consultant, CloudFactory.

2. Creatives stand to benefit

Generative AI has gained significant traction in creative fields, including art, design, and media. Artists, designers, architects, advertisers, gaming companies, fashion, and content creators, among other creatives, stand to benefit in product design, virtual world creation, content personalization, and other innovative applications.

One notable presentation came from Shutterstock.ai, where the company talked about how they are integrating Dall-e into their platform to incorporate language translation, prompt enrichment, and bias mitigation for their end users. They also touched on their “Contributors Fund,” which shares their income as “royalty payouts” to artists who contribute to their photo library.

3. Humans in the loop remain critical

In this age of generative AI, every application needs to be intelligent, and humans in the loop are a key puzzle piece. A human touch remains essential in the early stages of generative AI model development. Incorporating people to collect and curate data at every stage of AI model development helps uphold ethical AI systems, solves diversity, representation, and bias issues, and enables effective performance monitoring.

Our key takeaway? Generative AI is not a replacement for human creativity but an enhancement.

It seems that for now, humans put the intelligence in artificial intelligence.

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