At CloudFactory, our team virtually gathers every Friday to "shoutout" team members as a symbol of gratitude and recognition of growth. It's become a sacred Friday ritual that drives our team into the weekend feeling inspired, appreciated, and optimistic about their work.

And during the holiday season, shoutouts are even more critical.

Let's face it; the end of the year can be hectic trying to get important projects across the finish line. Showing gratitude and recognizing growth helps people feel positive emotions, relish good work experiences, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

This year, we want to extend these shoutouts to our clients because:

  • We're grateful to our innovative clients who trust us to be a part of their journey. Together, we deliver impactful solutions to businesses and consumers while creating career and growth opportunities for our data analysts.
  • We get to watch our clients shape the future. They're accelerating the road to a clean energy future, offsetting carbon footprints, transforming the future of transportation, improving cancer care, and much more!
  • We're in awe of their growth. The work they do is cutting-edge. It's revolutionary. But the success of their work isn't guaranteed. In fact, according to recent Gartner reports, 85% of AI and machine learning projects fail to deliver, and only 53% of projects make it from prototypes to production.

But with the right mix of people, processes, tools, and high-quality data, it’s possible to overcome those odds and grow like bamboo (one of our favorite CloudFactory principles)!

In 2022, we're honored to support developing and optimizing these incredible AI solutions that make lives easier for people and businesses worldwide.

Let the shoutouts begin!

LineVision is on its way to securing a net-zero future

Shoutout to LineVision for its commitment to scale.

Continually looking for new and better ways to deliver power, LineVision is accelerating the transition to clean energy and a net-zero grid. Its dynamic line rating technology equips utilities with real-time monitoring and analytics to improve electrical grid capacity, resilience, and safety.

In 2022, LineVision turned to CloudFactory as their internal annotation team hit the wall of scale: There were only so many annotations the team could handle, and the tedious, manual effort began to pull focus away from the core mission.

Now LineVision is growing—and delivering data faster than ever before. CloudFactory’s work has helped the monitoring company achieve capacity-saving goals within weeks instead of months—and reduced turnaround time by 66%. Read LineVision's Case Study.

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Packback launches Deep Dives

Shoutout to Packback for launching a platform that helps every student and instructor build a strong foundation of writing and research skills.

Packback's new platform, Deep Dives, gives students instant writing feedback tailored to the instructor’s specific rubric. The platform includes an AI assistant that provides instant feedback on the credibility and quality of sources and generates citations instantly in APA or MLA format and a “Digital TA” that suggests scores for each “requirement” category, which the instructor can override.

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Sylvera scales its ability to rank carbon projects

Shoutout to Sylvera for making sure companies are investing in high-quality carbon credits.

Sylvera is a startup that ranks carbon projects, bringing a new layer of transparency for companies wanting to purchase offsets to lower their carbon footprints. Companies can access rankings and monitoring services via Sylvera’s web app to choose the right project and track its performance over time.

CloudFactory and Sylvera annotated over 15,000 square miles of land in just two months. They also saved 500+ hours of annotation time that would have fallen on a machine learning engineer, geospatial data analyst, and an army of students. Read Sylvera's case study.

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Matterport acquires VHT Studios and Enview to accelerate and enhance digital twin technology

Shoutout to Matterport for growing digital twin technology.

Matterport's recent acquisition of VHT Studios means accelerating the adoption of digital twins for real estate. The acquisition of Enview will bring powerful property insights and analytics to millions of digital twins.

CloudFactory looks forward to continuing our relationship with Matterport to optimize machine learning algorithms by performing image annotation and classification across Matterport’s database of 3-D panoramic scans. Read Matterport's case study.

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DoubleVerify expands partnerships

Shoutout to DoubleVerify on their recent expansion into TikTok and Netflix.

DoubleVerify helps brands improve the effectiveness of their online advertising, giving them clarity and confidence in their digital investment.

DoubleVerify will help Netflix enable media verification and maximize advertiser performance across its platform. It will also help TikTok provide post-campaign brand safety and suitability measurement for campaigns in the United States.

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Nearmap carves out more time for innovation and growth

Shoutout to Nearmap for transforming maps into digital gold for city planners, insurance underwriters, and more.

Nearmap provides easy and instant access to up-to-date and historical geospatial data. It uses proprietary technology to capture high-resolution aerial imagery of urban exteriors, providing data-rich virtual tours across rooftops, buildings, and other location features, all at a massive scale.

CloudFactory has delivered 300,000+ hours of annotation work to help Nearmap focus on innovation and growth. Read Nearmap’s AI case study.

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Scoutbee launches new SaaS solution for procurement pros

Shoutout to Scoutbee's release of Supplier Intelligence.

Scoutbee's new platform, Supplier Intelligence, powered by AI and ML, enables faster end-to-end strategic sourcing projects with up to 90% less effort versus traditional methods.

The platform empowers procurement professionals to enhance their master data, make better sourcing decisions, and find and onboard new suppliers worldwide.

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SimBioSys shows how AI will transform cancer care

Shoutout to SimBioSys for making their first appearance at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting.

SimBioSys is a technology company deploying a combination of AI and biophysical simulations to improve our understanding of cancer.

At the AACR annual meeting in April, SimBioSys presented the breadth of applications for their platform, from clinical uses in evaluating existing treatment options for patients with breast cancer, to metabolic profiling of solid tumors such as breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers as well as melanoma.

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Tractor Zoom demonstrates the potential to grow and generate revenue

Shoutout to Tractor Zoom for landing $5 million in series A funding.

Tractor Zoom, a company committed to helping leaders in agriculture make empowered, data-driven decisions when it comes to buying, selling, financing, and insuring heavy equipment, continues to grow.

Tractor Zoom turned to CloudFactory for data enrichment services to quickly clean dirty data from farm equipment auctions and equipment dealers. The result? Listings are quickly published, and farmers can purchase the necessary equipment. With CloudFactory’s help, Tractor Zoom has grown from handling $2 billion to $5 billion in assets in the last two years. Read Tractor Zoom's case study.

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Phantom Auto grows its tech stack in 2022

Shoutout to Phantom Auto for acquiring Voysys AB to bolster its video streaming capabilities.

Phantom Auto, a provider of remote operation software, acquired Voysys AB to accelerate the adoption of Phantom’s remote operation platform. Phantom’s acquisition of the video communication technology provider catalyzes its commercialization efforts to continue to provide customers in the logistics sector with human-centric technology to combat the decades-long labor shortage.

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The key to all of this growth? The right partner

All of these companies deserve a shoutout for their incredible work to make our world a better place. They are part of more than 700+ companies that have trusted CloudFactory to annotate and process their data so they can deliver computer vision, machine learning, automation, and other high-quality, data-fueled solutions to the global market.

To reach their potential, these innovative companies needed help scaling data annotation to relieve the burden on their data scientists and other internal experts. And they turned to CloudFactory.

When you’re ready to accelerate innovation, lower costs, and quickly move products into market, we’ll be here, ready to tackle your AI data annotation work.

In the meantime, dig into more examples of how we help innovative companies across spatial, autonomous vehicles, medical, retail, and financial industries scale quality data annotation.

Can we give you a hand with your AI data?

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