Now more than ever, consumers are eager for same-day or same-hour food and retail deliveries. Early adopters are increasingly testing drone deliveries at retail stores, restaurants, and e-commerce warehouses to keep up with this growing demand.

As the drone delivery market emerges, AI will assist drone delivery operators with five applications: Obstacle detection and avoidance, GPS-free navigation, contingency management, emergency landings, delivery drop, and safe landings. These applications are crucial as drone delivery companies seek Part 135 certification from the FAA.

5 Ways AI is Making Drone Delivery Possible Infographic

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High-quality training data and expert image annotation are an essential part of the entire drone delivery ecosystem. This guide to applying AI to the drone delivery ecosystem will help you understand the data challenge for autonomous drones, where AI can address regulatory hurdles, and how quality data improve drone safety, predictability, and scalability.

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