Google’s three-day I/O’18 conference in Mountainview, Calif., last week brought together developers from around the globe for hands-on learning, discussion with experts, and a look at Google’s latest developer products. The conference also featured Google I/O Extended sessions held in technology hubs across the country, including a panel discussion that featured CloudFactory Chief Revenue Officer Mike Riegel.

Riegel spoke about advancements in machine learning (ML) and CloudFactory’s work with companies to prepare high-accuracy data for ML systems that use natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics. Many of them, including,, and Embark, are leveraging artificial intelligence, specifically ML, to power their robotic and software systems.

“Even today’s most advanced AI systems rely on the expertise of people to structure data for use with machine learning algorithms,” said Riegel. “It’s important to share best practices in tooling and training for tech-and-human stacks for machine learning.”

Joining Riegel on the panel were local tech executive Jesse Alexander and Google Software Engineer Kevin Lubick. Lilyn Hester, Google’s head of southeast external affairs moderated the session, which was sponsored by Google, GDG, and Momentum Learning.

Google I/O Extended in Durham was held at the American Underground, where CloudFactory is an anchor tenant in a building that houses more than 275 startups and organizations. The events included discussions and challenges with Google coders and representatives from the local developer community.

Google I/O Extended events help developers from around the world take part in the I/O experience. This year, developers hosted more than 500 I/O Extended viewing parties around the world. Many others joined online. Google has invited developers to share products they’d like to see at I/O’19.

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