What does it look like to make history? Are their bands and movie cameras to mark the occasion? Most of these milestone events slip past our view only to be seen more clearly in our rearview mirrors as one speeds through life. These past weeks at CloudFactory history is being made for Nepal. It looks like this.

Hiring the FutureHiring the Future

Hiring the FutureHiring the Future

 What began as a simple survey to gauge interest in the opportunity to do virtual work quickly turned into an interview process that attracted over 400 applicants.

Our goal was to find some of the best and brightest in Nepal and train them on our newly released platform for completing microwork tasks.Seek and you shall find is how the old saying goes. We were amazed at the level of talent and excitement we discovered in this process. In fact, on our initial survey prospective candidates scolded us for not promoting the opportunity more intensely. “People need to hear about these opportunities!”













What do interviews look like when you are social enterprise? We believe they should have a level of excellence but also be personable and relational enough to encourage those who are not selected. One candidate described that in her own blog post after the interview week.

"I was fascinated with working environment there at CloudFactory, I was even more excited about the whole place (Awash Bhaisepati) You guys should visit it if possible coz its so peaceful with organized town planning, beautiful hills and surprisingly clean and green :).” ~ Manika

After several rounds of testing and the final interview process we painstakingly choose our final 25 pioneers.












The first week of orientation was not without its trials. Unveiling a new way to do work is bound to have some roadbumps along the way. Tuesday morning the office was a whirlwind of excited candidates and anxious developers hoping, praying that their years of work would pay off. It absolutely did. Within 24 hours, the first 2 groups of candidates were making great headway towards their predetermined limits for this trial. How did they do?

“We’ve manually checked around 30% of the first completed tasks and all of them are perfect. Awesome!!.” ~ Sarwagya Pandey, Solutions Manager

You shouldn’t take our word alone. Look at some of the responses from these pioneers of CloudFactory.

"It makes a massive difference. I am a student in 3rd year of Law Degree. I wouldn't say that my parents will not be able to afford my fees, however many additional expenses, besides colleges, for eg. moot courts and conferences and trainings require certain amount of money, which I hope to earn via this project. These trainings and additional activities are vital for my future career too. Moreover, one needs to start becoming capable, and it is a process which I think begins for me from this work." ~ CloudWorker Trainee











"I get very less pocket money from my parents, so yes, it'll definitely make a 'substantial' difference in my life. I may do some professional trainings with the money, like webpage designing, personality development workshops, etc. and I genuinely wish to buy my younger brother a drum kit, so that he can also teach me how to play :-)" ~ CloudWorker Trainee

Meet the CloudFactory Cloud Workers

Posted by Evan Kubicek, VP of Workforce, CloudFactory

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