Using AI to Make the World a Better Place

Deep learning platform MissingLink and the MIT Media Lab brought together artificial intelligence (AI) innovators in Boston last month for a meetup concurrent with the Open Data Science Conference. The topic was “How AI is Changing the World – For the Better.”

CloudFactory joined the event to share how our workforce solution creates meaningful work for talented people in developing nations while providing high-quality data labeling solutions to innovators across the globe.

Other attendees shared AI solutions they are designing to solve problems:

  • DeepCure is using machine learning to reduce the cost of developing new drugs, providing great hope for the development of new, cost-effective treatments.
  • uses AI to improve job site safety risk detection. Their technology analyzes the mounds of data that construction companies collect from job sites to identify potential hazards and lower the risk of on-the-job accidents.
  • Airworks is taking job-site analysis one step further by using drones to improve the cost and speed associated with planning, assessing, and estimating construction jobs.
  • Hopper provides predictive travel booking based on billions of flight and hotel price data points to bring down the cost of travel.
  • The MIT Media Lab is developing software to help health centers gather valuable data and analysis from private patient records keeping protected health information secure.

MissingLink’s meetup was a great opportunity for people in the AI community to share their work to make the world a better place. We were pleased to participate in the event and meet other innovators to watch as the AI market continues to grow and related opportunities emerge to improve both quality of life and quality of work for people everywhere.

Featured Image via MissingLink

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