Many machine learning (ML) teams are discovering that their AI models in production aren't living up to the hype. From inconsistent performance in complex situations to workflow disruptions caused by inaccurate predictions… the challenges are real.

There’s no doubt that an “AI reliability gap” exists.

Traditional AI models often struggle to maintain performance consistency across varying scenarios. They're typically trained on large datasets that may not capture the full spectrum of real-world complexities. These models can falter when faced with novel or nuanced situations, leading to inaccurate predictions and, ultimately, disrupted workflows.

Once deployed, these models may not adapt well to changing conditions or new data without significant retraining. This static nature of traditional AI systems can be a significant drawback in dynamic environments where continuous learning and adaptation are crucial.

The key to bridging this reliability gap lies in a human-centric approach to AI development, often referred to as human-in-the-loop (HITL) innovation. By integrating human expertise and judgment at critical stages of the AI lifecycle, organizations can significantly enhance the accuracy, robustness, and reliability of their AI systems.

Several industries are already benefiting from HITL innovation:

  • Healthcare: HITL AI systems assist doctors by providing diagnostic suggestions that are reviewed and confirmed by human experts, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.
    Here's an example: Digital Diagnostics' IDx-DR system autonomously diagnoses diabetic retinopathy at the point of care, reducing the need for constant physician oversight. It improves access to high-quality healthcare and speeds up diagnostics, handling routine cases independently while involving specialists in complex situations.
  • Finance: In fraud detection, HITL systems flag suspicious transactions for human review, ensuring high accuracy while minimizing false positives.
  • Customer Service: Chatbots integrated with HITL can handle complex customer queries more effectively by routing difficult cases to human agents.

The missing piece: human expertise

At CloudFactory, we've listened to these frustrations and understand the root of the problem: a disconnect between the potential of AI and its real-world execution.

That's why we're excited to introduce a game-changer: our Model Monitoring & Oversight solution

This isn't just another tool in your AI arsenal; it's a bridge that seamlessly integrates expert human input directly into your AI workflows. By combining the power of human intelligence with the capabilities of your AI models, we can finally close the gap between promise and performance.

Your invitation to shape the future of AI

We're inviting you to be a part of our Beta program, where you'll have a direct impact on shaping our HITL API. Your feedback and insights will ensure that the offering not only fits seamlessly into your existing workflow but also elevates it to new heights.

How HITL transforms your AI performance

Our Model Monitoring Oversight solution, built around a developer-friendly API toolkit, empowers you to tackle the critical tasks that often hold AI models back:

  • Exception Handling: Confidently resolve low-confidence predictions and edge cases that can disrupt your production workflows.
  • Model Monitoring: Continuously measure and track the accuracy and reliability of your models against a backdrop of human-verified ground truth.
  • Quality Assurance: Achieve the highest level of quality assurance and trust in your AI outputs with a meticulous 100% examination of all data.
  • Model Auditing: Gain an independent, third-party verification of your production models' behavior against key risk frameworks.
  • Model Improvement: Consistently analyze and identify performance issues, enabling you to make data-driven improvements to your AI models.

Join the AI revolution

This is your chance to address the biggest challenge in AI production head-on: finding efficient and effective ways to improve your models in real-world scenarios. We invite you to join us in exceeding the expectations placed on AI models today.

Companies are already on board - here’s what GameChanger is saying about our solution:


Sign up for our Beta program or Contact Us, and let's transform the future of AI together.

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