Automation doesn’t always mean AI when it comes to autonomous vehicles. In this blog, we outline how the levels of driving automation are determined by the presence of automated driving systems (ADS) with AI technology or automated driving assistance systems (ADAS).

While ADAS can make driving safer and easier for drivers, they don’t incorporate AI in their technologies, whereas ADS does. With ADS powered by AI technologies, vehicles can give us more freedom and safely take us where we need to go, with minimal fatalities and commute times and a smaller hit to the environment. To achieve this transformation at scale, vehicle and component manufacturers need massive amounts of complex training data to train AV algorithms, data that comes from high-quality LiDAR, sensor, image, and video annotation.

Breakout Levels of Driving Automation Infographic

CloudFactory is driving the innovation of autonomous vehicles by labeling the enormous amounts of individual objects in images and videos to train machine learning and computer vision models to accurately interpret the world around them. Explore our autonomous vehicle use cases to discover how we’re helping innovators deploy and operate autonomous driving technology at scale.

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