CloudFactory exists to create meaningful work for one million people. This is our mission because it is clear to us that while talent is equally distributed around the world, opportunity is not.

It has come to our attention that online scammers are impersonating CloudFactory to take advantage of people who are looking for opportunities to work. We have heard several reports of individuals posing as CloudFactory representatives and asking unsuspecting job seekers for payment (in the form of credit card information or gift cards) or personal information (such as social media passwords) in exchange for work opportunities. The sole intent of these individuals is to take advantage of people who are looking for work.

CloudFactory will never ask for sensitive personal information or payment as part of the employment process.


  1. CloudFactory does not conduct interviews with Google Hangouts.
  2. CloudFactory will never request any form of payment as part of the recruiting process.
  3. Employee financial information is only collected through our secure human resources website (Workable or BambooHR) and we will never ask for that information through social media messages, email, or during live interviews.
  4. CloudFactory will never need access to your social media accounts and we do not hire Facebook Ad Influencers.
  5. CloudFactory will only contact applicants through an email address ending in Scammers can imitate mail addresses, so be sure to hover your mouse over the displayed email address to reveal the true sender.

CloudFactory is committed to providing meaningful work to talented people and we are growing. We invite you to consider our full-time job opportunities which can be found on our careers page. Additionally, we offer opportunities for flexible, part-time, online work for people located in Nepal and Kenya. More information can be found on our Nepal careers page and Kenya careers page.

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