The Day Disaster Hit

One year ago on April 25th, 2015, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal and the very next day our team jumped into action. The people and families of CloudFactory were shaken to the core. Overnight our tech company had turned into a humanitarian aid center. On the second day, the team was on the phone contacting over 120 core staff and over 1400 cloud workers.

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Rising Above the Debris

Saturday, April 25th, 11:56 AM NST, things got very rough. A magnitude 7.8 earthquake ripped through Nepal. The nation went into a state of panic and hyper vigilance that day, and stayed there for many weeks. I was no exception. 11:57 AM: when the shaking finally stopped I stepped out fearing the worst for my neighborhood. To my surprise, the damage was limited -- a few collapsed walls lay scattered on the ground, but most of the houses were still intact. Voices of men, women, and children began flooding the streets. Startled bodies were everywhere...frantically trying to call their loved ones.

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Special Webinar: The Nepal Earthquake - An Update from CloudFactory

On April 25th a massive earthquake struck Nepal, significantly impacting our employees, their families and their communities. As many of you know, CloudFactory has been on the ground  since moments after the quake, locating our people, raising money, and providing relief to those most affected, all while keeping CloudFactory running for our customers who trust us with their mission critical work. It’s been a challenging and inspiring journey that has tested our people, our business model, and perhaps most importantly — our purpose.

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Agility and Resiliency in the Face of Crisis

The events of the last nine days have been anything but business as usual for CloudFactory. The ferocious earthquake that shocked the world also shook us to our core. This event and the days after it have brought agony and triumph, devastation and inspiration. Our first priority was accounting for our team members and cloud workers and assessing their immediate humanitarian needs. Our team leapt into action in a massive effort to locate over 1,300 team members in and around Kathmandu. We used every social media trick in the book and we're happy to say that everyone has been accounted for.

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Video: CloudFactory Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

Our team on the ground is doing an amazing job of providing relief to their friends, families and communities. Check out this short video update from our CEO, Mark Sears who immediately flew from the U.S. to be with our team in Nepal.

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CloudFactory Relief Efforts Underway

Over the years our teams in Nepal have participated in thousands of community service projects, and t he years of raising up leaders for a tech company has mapped into an amazing ability to pull together and respond to the needs of their communities.

Here's a photo essay from the first few days on ground in Kathmandu.

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Earthquake Update #2: The View from CloudFactory Nepal

Greetings from Nepal! I’m both grateful and humbled to be here with the CloudFactory family during this incredibly challenging time. While aftershocks continue to rattle the Kathmandu valley, they are slowly subsiding. Electricity has been restored in much of Kathmandu and the resiliency of the Nepali people inspires me as always.

Our first priority is to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the CloudFactory team and their families. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and prayers of so many. 

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Nepal Earthquake Update

A major earthquake hit Nepal April 25th where CloudFactory has 125 employees and about 3,000 cloud workers concentrated in and around Kathmandu. Thank you to everyone who has reached out - we appreciate your thoughts and prayers in this difficult situation. Our primary concern at this time is for the safety and well-being of our workers, their families and the people of Nepal.

We’re in contact with key team members and have heard from the majority of employees who are safe. The CloudFactory offices themselves have been reported to be unaffected and at this time we know of no fatalities or injuries among our team but family homes have been destroyed in some cases. We will be sharing updates below as additions to this blog post as we gather more information.

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