There are times when you just need to throw out the schedule and enjoy the moment. CloudFactory recently invited all of our workforce to a get-together where being together was enough in itself. Why did we invite them? The better question is wouldn’t we invite them. After a record-setting week of processing over 118,000 tasks, seeing our number of workers double since August and many other reasons, it was a great time to bring everyone together.

There are many things that one can try to accomplish when you have everyone together in the same place. As I walked through the crowd inside, outside, upstairs, and downstairs it was the conversations and relationships that grew and began that day which caught my eye. One team leader, a soft-spoken 19-year-old girl shared her excitement of meeting new people as she came into the building that day. Some guests from the US joined us for the day and were amazed at the level of talent and excitement they encountered as they met workers face to face for the first time. They asked some workers about whether or not CloudFactory could continue to grow and reach 10,000 workers and beyond. They simply replied, “Are you kidding! Of course we can.”

For some workers it was the very first time they met as a group. Others were old pros that have been with us now for more than 6 months. They have formed their own teams and even helped create new teams under them. Four workers were recognized for their new roles in CloudFactory. Since our last gathering we have had the privilege of recruiting directly from our workforce to staff needs in worker support, analysis of incoming data, and visiting existing teams to encourage growth and quality.

After some time to visit and eat some traditional Nepali snacks, everyone headed upstairs to our largest room filled with chairs. Next time we won’t be able to fit enough chairs to cover all of us. It’s a good problem to have. One problem we won’t have anymore is answering the question that our workers are asked by their friends: “How can we apply?” Every worker now carries business cards that proudly identify them as a Cloud Worker and provides the web address for candidates to take an entrance exam via our recently launched CloudFactory Facebook app.

Hearing first-hand from the people that are benefitting from CloudFactory is always a moving experience. Spending time with our workers always provides us with an opportunity to hear such stories. But, we had a surprise video for our workers as well. One of our customers had prepared a video explaining how their work late into the Nepali night hours was making it possible for Canadian citizens to be approved for their own work. Not only did he share the impact of how the quality and speed of our workers made it possible but went on to say that they are not just unknown workers on the other side of the world to their business. Our workers are a part of their business. Our workers make it possible for their business to grow. The tasks they do result in less workplace accidents and are literally helping to save lives!

That’s our story. CloudFactory is committed to connecting one million people in the developing world to basic computer work while raising them up as leaders to address poverty in their own communities. Whether you are an entrepreneur or executive looking to automate your business processes or a future leader in your country we would love to be a part of your story.

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Posted by Evan Kubicek, VP of Workforce

Culture & Mission

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