Remarkably, it's been one year since we launched our flagship data labeling product, Accelerated Annotation. So, we're carving out some time to exhale…and celebrate one year of innovation and success.

Over the past twelve months, we've watched Accelerated Annotation quickly become the superior choice for data labeling across various industries and use cases. This blog post will cover the unique ways that Accelerated Annotation integrates a best-in-labeling platform and expert data annotators to deliver the data AI innovators need at scale.

Each paragraph begins with a letter from "Happy Birthday," highlighting a unique feature of Accelerated Annotation. Join us in this exciting celebration of integrating technology and expertise under one roof!


Happy Birthday, Accelerated Annotation

Harnessing the power of AI and human expertise:

CloudFactory’s Accelerated Annotation combines cutting-edge AI-assisted labeling technology with an experienced workforce–it’s the merging of the right people, process, and technology that makes it special. This synergy delivers high-quality data labeling at scale, catering to diverse data types like images and videos.

Adaptive AI-assistance:

CloudFactory's state-of-the-art active learning models adapt to every project, for every customer, ensuring you only pay for the labels you need. This advanced feature contributes significantly to cost-effectiveness and efficiency in data labeling projects.

Providing critical insights:

The product offers proactive feedback, identifying areas where models struggle or where ambiguity exists. This is so important for improving model performance and refining your labeling strategy.

Performance-driven service and experience:

With over a decade of experience and thousands of projects delivered, CloudFactory’s managed workforce is fine-tuned to offer exceptional service, translating into refined project outcomes. And, because the team operates under strict data security guidelines, you can rest assured that your IP, models, and data are all protected.

Yielding efficient workflows:

CloudFactory's proven operational methodology helps overcome the inevitable hurdles in machine learning projects, facilitating faster results with less effort.

Broad spectrum of annotations supported:

The platform supports a variety of annotation capabilities, including image tags, bounding boxes, key points, video understanding, and several segmentation types (instance, semantic, panoptic), providing versatility for different project needs.

Improved data analytics:

The platform offers detailed analytics capabilities, including monitoring label distributions, tracking model performance metrics, and analyzing confusion matrices, enabling a comprehensive understanding of your project’s progress and challenges.

Redefining automation in annotation:

Accelerated Annotation includes features like AI label assistants and active learning, all designed to adapt continuously to your data for improved label prediction accuracy.

Technical excellence:

CloudFactory supports a wide range of data types and annotation formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of project specifications and technical needs, and making it suitable for various projects, from simple image tagging to complex video understanding.

High-level accuracy:

Fully automated labeling and AI consensus scoring enhance efficiency and accuracy, with 100% QA on every label. Functionality identifies errors and highlights ambiguities for human review to improve model accuracy and performance, and reduce QA cost.

Dynamic API capabilities:

Our RESTful API allows for scalable project management, allowing for tasks like creating projects, uploading images, and exporting annotations, all at a high capacity.

Accelerated Annotation for every need:

Whether you’re dealing with 2-D images or videos, CloudFactory’s platform is equipped to handle and process your data efficiently–in a quality way!

Your partner in data labeling:

CloudFactory’s Accelerated Annotation is more than just a product – it's a trusted solution for your data labeling journey that ensures your needs are met with precision, efficiency, and scalability to meet your project’s unique demands.

As we blow out the candles on a successful first year, we look forward to the future of Accelerated Annotation!

Happy Birthday, Accelerated Annotation – here's to many more years of revolutionizing data annotation.

If you're building your data annotation strategy and need greater detail about Vision AI decision points, download our comprehensive white paper, Accelerating Data Labeling: A Comprehensive Review of Automated Techniques.

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