There will always be challenges when you are building something new and big. The key is having a team that is really good at coming together with focus and unity to push through those challenges. The motivation to do all that comes from the mission and vision of a company.

At CloudFactory we see both brokenness and beauty in each of us as well as in the world around us. I love that we get to use our business as a vehicle for creating more beauty in the world! This beautiful impact is usually seen through stories of personal change and growth or as part of the 50-100 community service projects happening every week.

As we are starting to get different stories of beauty and impact that may be even more exciting - they are coming from our clients. It was just over two years ago that we launched CloudFactory and our early clients have had time now to realize the beauty and impact of sending their work to CloudFactory.

Initially we caught the attention of many of our early clients with the cost savings that CloudFactory's unique blend of technology and scalable workforce model can bring. But as you'll see over the coming weeks through us sharing some client stories through case studies, they barely even mention the great cost savings because they have been overshadowed by even bigger gains to their business.

The ability for them to focus on their core business while we execute and innovate on their behalf is a recurring theme. Here is a sneak preview:

We no longer think or worry about the manual side of the document operations - even though it’s a critical part of the business. CloudFactory has given us the ability to grow and scale without any operational constraints

The ability for our clients to offer a whole new level of service to wow their customers is another recurring theme:

A year ago, our users on the west coast who submitted documents after 10pm would have to wait a few days for them to get processed. Now it all goes to CloudFactory, and gets processed into the user’s account within an hour.

The ability to significantly grow and scale their business - to scale their own impact is another great thing we love hearing:

Last year, we grew from processing a few million documents to doubling that volume while maintaining a high level of accuracy. This year we’re expecting to double the number of documents processed again and we have no worries because we know CloudFactory can easily handle higher workloads without compromising on speed and accuracy.

As a company that is in the background powering the business processes for different companies around the world, it is interesting to start thinking through the ripple effect we get to have. Every day we get to apply our technology, talent and hard work to make a real difference in our clients' businesses and the businesses and lives of their customers.

This business impact is what has them giving us more work and telling others about the new way to extract valuable data from paper, audio, video, images and the web using a scalable human touch. Which allows us to hire more cloud workers and invite them into the journey of becoming leaders that address poverty (by creating beauty!) in their own communities.

We love this virtuous cycle and we are just getting started - download this first case study below for more details and contact us here to find out how you can become our next happy client.

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