On-Demand Workforce

CloudFactory uses technology to make it super easy and affordable for startups and fast growing companies to automate and outsource routine, tedious data work. While our workforce virtualization platform allows our customers to scale this work quickly and accurately, our solutions really start at the most critical point, providing access to the right people. But not just any people: thoroughly trained, fully equipped, and properly motivated people from all over the globe. And, most importantly, our workforce is specifically trained on your business rules.

We recruit our workforce from talent “hot spots” around the globe such as Nepal and Kenya where we can hire the best and brightest, providing our customers with substantial cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Check out this video to learn more about our workforce. Get to know who they are and how they’re hired, trained and managed. You’ll also see how CloudFactory’s focus on character, competency and community service is helping to create leaders throughout the developing world who are helping to lift their families and communities out of poverty. We want to change how the world works and we want you to join us on that journey.

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