Courtney Wilson

Courtney is a Director of Marketing at CloudFactory.

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Cloud Robotics Expands Machines’ Access to Intelligence

It is amazing how far technology has advanced in the last decade. Internet speeds, computing power, automation, and big data have evolved at an incredible rate. This rapid growth of speed and power has made it possible to create innovative technologies that would have seemed like science fiction just 10 years ago.

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5 Signs You Need Managed Cloud Labor

It may feel like a thorn in your side: You’re creating an amazing solution to solve a common, problematic process - but your team is stymied because there are steps you can’t truly automate without human interaction with the data.

It’s actually a common problem in our increasingly data-centric world. Just ask any data scientist or software engineer who spends too much time wrangling data to improve a product or service. Or talk to a head of operations, who needs to streamline a business process to absorb seasonal shifts in sales volume. They know: Dirty data delays innovation.

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The Age of AI: Peril & Possibility, According to Today's Tech Leaders

Everyday wild tales are told about the implications of AI. It seems everyone has an opinion, and more questions are raised than answered. Will we be forced, one day, to swear fealty to our robot overlords? Is the hype completely overblown? Or, is the truth somewhere in the middle? Probably. After all, equivocation is the safest space for amateur prognosticators, knowing full well it provides nothing in the way of clarity.

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Visual Data and the ‘Killer App’ for AI

Today there are AI-powered apps that can tell you the breed of your dog or the species of a plant in seconds simply by taking a photo. When you upload an image to Facebook, your friends are identified immediately based on facial recognition technology. The ability for machines to do this specific type of analysis has, in some cases, surpassed humans, and the lifeblood of these advanced AI technologies is visual data.

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French Presidential Campaign Rolls to Victory Using Geospatial AI

Today, there is a lot more to running a political campaign than shaking hands and kissing babies. In the past decade, big data has played a huge role in political races. In both U.S. presidential campaigns, Barack Obama famously leveraged data and analytics to learn more about and attract individual voters.

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The Secret Data Behind Augmented & Virtual Reality

In the past year, augmented reality (AR) shot to the mainstream with a little app known as Pokémon GO. Yet, AR goes way beyond the world of gaming. While entertainment is one industry exploring the possibilities of AR, commerce, healthcare, education and other sectors are banking on the promise of AR as well.

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Automation Paradox: Why Automation Needs Humans

It’s clear that automation has come a long way. Self-driving cars are now being tested on public roads, many routine business process have been automated, and the manufacturing industry relies on robots – and it’s not slowing down. By 2018, it’s estimated that 1.3 million industrial robots will be working in factories around the globe. The simple fact is that automation is disrupting every industry, from healthcare to marketing, and it is changing how we interact and get work done.

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Autonomous Vehicles Depend on Good Data: Here's How We Help

One of the coolest things for everyone working at CloudFactory is the amazing technology our customers are creating. Their spirit of innovation inspires each of us to push our own boundaries and solve new problems by thinking differently. We get to support our customers as they quite literally create the future, and that is a novelty that never wears off.

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Meet the Humans Behind AI

When most people think about artificial intelligence (AI), they envision high-tech robots and automated processes, or, in a more romantic sense, the promise of technology finally being realized. Hardly anyone thinks about the actual people behind the technology. However, for every game-changing technology and innovative product, there is a team of humans conceiving new ideas, powering them from behind the scenes, and collaborating alongside it.

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7 Ways CloudFactory is Different Than Crowdsourcing

We often get asked how CloudFactory is different from crowdsourcing platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk). Simply put, while CloudFactory provides access to a talented workforce, we’re not a pure crowdsourcing model, we provide an enterprise alternative to crowdsourcing that is built to handle critical business processes that need to be done right.

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