Deep inside of many organizations lies digital work that is routine, repetitive and incredibly tedious...but also critically important. For some businesses, this work is core to their customer experience. Like a big tech company that relies on accurate data sets to fuel machine learning algorithms that create an insanely personal, relevant user experience, or a startup that relies on accurate and timely web data to keep their customers ahead of constantly changing trends.

The world is awash in this unstructured data, and many businesses are seeing an opportunity to create value by extracting critical elements and making sense of it. This is creating new, digital-age work like image annotation, extracting data from documents, tagging and moderating images, audio/video transcription and mining the web for valuable insights. This work is often performed by people who are hard to find, train, manage and retain at scale, creating the perfect opportunity to utilize new ways of getting work done, like crowdsourcing.


Check out our latest slideshare for six examples of work that are perfect for crowdsourcing, so businesses can get this work off their plate so they can focus on innovation and growth.

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Crowdsourcing Automation & Back Office Support

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